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Timber Floor Sanding Perth - We'll make your timber floor look like you have just installed them!

We're Perth's leading floor sanding specialist with over 14 years experience.

Floor sanding will increase the life of the boards while bringing out its natural beauty. A lot of the houses built after World War II have incredible Jarrah. Many people cover it with carpet, which makes us very sad. They have this masterpiece, and they cover it with a cheap rug. If you suspect this could have happened at your place, please call us, and we can check. It is probably worthy to be restored, and that will significantly enhance the value of your timber floors, your entire home and property too.

Timber floors are investments, and it's essential that you take care of it. It could last for a decade, and you can even hand it down your generation if you are wise enough.

The main reasons people get timber floors is to: 

● repair chunks are taken out

● extend the life of the floor

● protect your investment (installing a new wooden floor isn't cheap), and

● make the house look great again

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Should you do it yourself?

If you hold the belt sander at the wrong angle or go over an area too much, you can cause irreparable damage. Getting a perfectly smooth surface takes a lot of concentration and skill, which we have developed over decades of doing this. For something as important as your floor, we really don't think people without the proper training or tools should perform floor sanding. Imagine if you sanded an area so thinly that you fell through it?

What is the difference between most flooring contractors and the best floor sanding specialists?

Most sanding companies will do a half decent job. However, the best will make repairs virtually invisible and they will need to take a lot less off the top of the wood to get the same result. This means the flooring can be re-sanded and refinished more times, leading to a lower long term cost. The resulting look is also a lot better when you hire the best and leading timber floor experts in Perth. Let us know if you need help then, and we will be so happy to assist you with whatever you want done with your hardwood floors. 

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How long does it take?

Depending on how large the area that needs doing, how much furniture needs moving, how many repairs are required and how "fiddly" the job is, it could take from a day or two up to a week or more. At Allen Brothers Flooring, we pride ourselves on giving accurate estimates up front and sticking pretty closely to those estimates. If things change, we'll keep you informed.

How much does it cost?

Sanding cost depends largely with several factors like:

● type of wood

● surface area

● hours of labour required

● use of the floor

● types of coatings applied

Can floor sanding be done any time of the year?

We're pretty lucky here in Perth that timber floor sanding work can be done most of the year round. We don't have the extreme cold or humidity of other parts of the world. If it's likely to rain while we're working and you have a lot of furniture that has to go outside, that might be a consideration, but that's a fairly rare situation.

What machines are used? 

There are typically three timber floor sanding machines used:

● a big belt sander,

● an edger and

● a buffing machine

Different grits on the sander are used to remove the old coating, to quickly even out the wood, then progressively finer grains to get that smooth finish.

FREE Timber Flooring Consultation (Valued at $195)

FREE Quotes Within 24 Hours

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