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We are experienced, highly trained, insured and licensed specialists with over 14 years experience in the industry. If you need help with your timber floor coatings or require a bit of advice, please contact us, and we'll assist you accordingly.

The beauty of well-maintained timber doesn’t happen by accident—it takes the right team, high-quality coating products plus proper care and maintenance. Below we have specifically categorised the type of coating products tailored to your needs. If you require further information about our coating services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Bona can provide the perfect solution for your hardwood floor coating.

Loba is used for floors with low to high traffic, for a matt or high-gloss finish & stained floors.

Osmo finishes offer very high coverage with minimum preparation.

Polycure is an innovative coating solution that enhances timber flooring quickly.

Whittle Waxes Coatings are great for listed buildings, offices and restaurants.

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Installing a timber floor isn’t enough; you still need to protect it. Most floors require a coating to seal and protect it, otherwise, they’ll wear quicker, be harder to keep clean, and may be damaged more easily.

Allen Brothers Flooring are experts at coating timber, and stock a wide range of professional-grade coatings suitable for different timbers and situations. We have more than 14 years’ experience delivering quality results to the Perth area. Our team has the training, licences and know-how to bring the very best out of your timber, whether it is freshly-installed or has been in-situ for a while.

What are the benefits of Timber Floor Coatings 

This type of floor looks amazing, but they aren’t as hardwearing as some other surfaces. Left unfinished, dirt will quickly build up and become ingrained, spoiling the look of your floor and reducing it to a dull, matt finish devoid of shine. Heavy traffic will cause visible wear to the floor, and your timber will be susceptible to damage from shoes with heels and other common causes of wear.

Instead of your floor getting worn and damaged, it’s just the coating – and that can be replaced. Instead of your timber floor getting worn and damaged, it’s just the coating – and that can be replaced.

Floor Recoating

- Coatings don’t last forever and will need redoing. The frequency that this is required depends upon your finish and the amount your floors are used, but you should expect it to last a few years between recoats. Failure to recoat will lead to the wooden floor getting damaged as described above, so it’s better to stick to a regular schedule.

Recoating the floor is normally straightforward but often requires a light sanding first to remove the previous finish. If the timber floor has not received a new finish for a long time (or never at all), there may be a need for heavier sanding to remove dirt and reveal clean timber.

Our Coating Brands

- We use a wide range of high-quality timber coatings. By stocking several brands, we’re able to recommend the best possible finish for each type of wood.

Brands we stock include:

Bona Floor Finishes – This well-known brand offers high-quality, non-toxic floor finishes.
Loba Finishes – Loba has been creating premium oils and finished for floors for more than 90 years.
Osmo Finishes – The Osmo Polyx-Oil is an exceptionally hard-wearing finish that is both waterproof and dirt proof. Lasts longer than many other options.
Polycure Coatings – Polycure provides Polyurethane coatings, which are ideal for high-traffic areas including sports floors and shop floors.
Whittle Wax Coatings – We’ve been recommending this brand for more than 14 years! Great for restaurants, offices, and other high-traffic areas.

Do you need timber floor coating? Or do you have an old floor in need of a refresh? Allen Brothers Flooring can help. Call us on 0407 983 020 or contact us online to get your FREE quick quote within 24 hours.

Proudly supporting Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (MAAC)
10% discount to MAAC members.

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