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Timber Flooring

First things first, what is timber flooring? It is a type of floor made of wood and considered as the most favourite wood material of most homeowners in Australia. Timber floors have loads of great features that will transform the beauty and value of your home.

Timber flooring can transform your Perth house into a home by adding a level of warmth, comfort and style not provided by other types of flooring. Your decision to upgrade to timber flooring will delight both you and future generations; a high-quality Australian timber floor will last decades if properly cared for.

The main reasons why Perth homeowners like timber flooring are: Can be installed and removed easily, especially if you let experts deal with it. It has a vast range of colour options that will complement your architecture, Eco-friendly, safe for everyone especially for kids, pets and those who are prone to allergies, pricing is reasonable, if maintained well it can last a lifetime, and lastly, it can be cleaned easily.

If you are looking for quality timber flooring & installations at reasonable prices in Perth, WA - we got you covered!

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We use a high-quality Jarrah timber suited to Perth homes and businesses.

We install top-quality Blackbutt timber for all Perth homes and businesses.

We are experts in Spotted Gum timber installation. Call today at 0407 983 020.

We are specialists in Karri timber. Call us on 0407 983 020. to request for a quote.

We can install & repair Ironbark timber anywhere in Perth. Call us today at 0407 983 020.

What Makes Timber Flooring Different?

Timber floors have many advantages over other flooring choices:

Last For Decades – Unlike carpet, which will need to be replaced every 10-15 years (or sooner), wood just keeps ongoing. Wear and tear can be erased by simply sanding and resealing the wood, leaving you with a surface that looks new decades after it has been first fitted.

Easy To Clean – Carpets can hide parasites, trap dust and dirt, and are difficult to get completely clean. A wood floor needs little more than a brush or damp mop and a vacuum to keep it perfectly clean.

Timeless & Stylish – The natural appeal of high-quality wood is timeless and can work with almost any choice of décor in your home. Other types of flooring drift in and out of style, but you don’t have to worry about that with wood.

Lower Per-Year Cost – Because hardwood floors last so long you end up spending less on your flooring that you would have you opted for a cheaper carpet. Why waste money and resources on a floor that will need to be replaced in a few years’ time?

Great With Underfloor Heating – Underfloor heating is an efficient and comfortable way to heat your home – and it works great with timber flooring!

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