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How Much Does Timber Floor Installation Cost In Perth?

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The average timber floor installation cost falls between $75 to $85 per square metre, but that price doesn’t tell the whole story. You’ll need to factor in a range of variables including the size of your floor, any existing flooring materials, the hardwood timber you’ve chosen, and any finishing touches. But don’t stress, because we’ll unpack the individual cost of a timber floor for you right here.

Changing up the floors in your home or business is a great way to give your space a completely new look. Replacing old tiling or dingy carpet with timeless timber flooring brings both durability and design that's easier to maintain.

But when you’re budgeting for a timber flooring project, the first cost that comes to mind is the price of the flooring material itself. From the rich, deep red tones of Jarrah to the light and swirling golden colours in Blackbutt, you have quite a few options of natural timber flooring.

Even with that tough decision made, you’ll need to understand the cost of timber floor installation. Among other factors, proper placement and polishing of your timber floorboards will have a major impact on their longevity. While many Perth homeowners might be tempted to go down the DIY route to save a few dollars, you risk damaging your boards in the long term.

And with the average timber floor installation cost falling around $75-85 per square metre, it’s easier to set your budget and let the experts install your eye-catching new floor.

Looking to find the best price on timber floor installation? Read on to better understand what costs you’ll need to factor in.

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Factors that influence the price of timber floor installation

Timber floor installation is much more than simply placing floorboards in a room (which plenty of DIY handymen have unfortunately found out).

  • It’s an art that requires:
  • Accurate measurements
  • Multiple steps

Specialised teams and equipment

Every timber floor install requires a custom estimate since projects can differ wildly from one another. Be sure to ask any professional service to include their installation costs when they provide a quote. In general, you can expect the following factors to come into play for timber floor installation cost.

Floor space

Just how large is your floor?

Just like the timber itself is priced per square metre, most installers use the area as the main determinant for pricing. The bigger the space, the more time it will take to complete your project, so you can expect the price to go up from there.

Existing flooring

Do you already have carpet, tile, or old hardwood installed that needs to be removed?

Many installers will help you with this, including hauling away the old materials, but expect this to be at a cost. This cost will usually come down to the size of the area, how many people are needed to complete the work, and whether there’s a disposal fee for the old flooring materials.

Subfloor condition

Is your subfloor relatively new and ready to go? Or, does it need some repair or clean up before the timber can be installed?

Since timber flooring is typically installed directly to the subfloor, you need a level, clean surface with no holes or other issues. An installer will be able to help prep this for you, but it might come at a higher cost or as a separate line item on a quote.

Timber type

Yes, the type of wood you choose plays a role in the price of the installation.

Some types of wood are heavier to maneuver, while others require different finesse to move into place without damaging anything. Each timber type also has its own requirements for affixing them to the subfloor. When you tell an installer what type of hardwood you’re looking for, they can provide a better quote based on that particular wood.

Finishing touches

Did you order unfinished timber flooring?

If so, you’ll need it sanded, stained, or polished to finish off the look. Do you want a border around the room or a unique design? Each of these can add onto the timber floor installation cost, usually based on the size of the area being finished.

Your floor installing team may also charge extra for any finishing products, so be sure to ask what is included in your quote.

What does timber floor installation cost?

With so many different factors that affect installation, it’s tough to nail down an exact price, but there are rough estimates you can follow.

While it’s always best to request a quote for your specific project from a professional, licensed installer, the table below shows the average timber floor installation cost in Perth based on the different steps of the installation process.

Installation Service

Installation Service
Average Cost per Square Metre
Blackbutt Timber
$60 to $75
Jarrah Timber
$70 to $80
Bamboo Timber
$90 to $100
Ironbark Timber
$80 to $90
Border or Edging Patterns
$50 to $60
$30 to $60
Staining or Sealing
$10 to $15
$30 to $50

The benefits of a professional timber flooring installer

We’ve already noted that attempting your timber floor install yourself can leave your boards vulnerable to damage. You’re also at risk by choosing an unlicensed cowboy or handyman you found on


Because, like most home improvement projects, you’ll only spot a low-quality flooring job AFTER the damage is done (and it costs you twice as much to rip up the floor and start again).

Here are a few core reasons why it’s essential to choose a professional timber floor installer.

#1 - Ensure proper fit

Timber boards themselves might be fairly straight, but that doesn’t make their installation straightforward.

While some engineered flooring types will come with a tongue-and-groove design that makes them seemingly easy to snap in place, hardwood installs are more complex. It can take experience to measure properly and make precise cuts. Baseboards, thresholds, and other edging also need to be cut to consistent sizes.

As a natural product, wood will also expand and contract over time with the temperature. You have to allow for spacing in your cuts and layout to accommodate this. In all, you could end up wasting material or having awkward seams if you are not sure of what to look for or how to measure correctly.

#2 - Supply flooring equipment

More goes into affixing the timber to your subfloor than meets the eye. From nailers to mitre saws, you need the best materials for the best finish.

Renting or purchasing the right equipment for the job can add up fast, and there’s also the need to use the right nails, adhesives, stains, or sealers for each type of timber.

A professional installer will not only know what you need but also have it on hand. With the ability to buy supplies in bulk and repurpose equipment, you’ll end up paying much less than trying to handle it alone or cut corners to save on expenses.

#3 - Unbeatable finish

A professional installer isn’t just to be well versed in how to lay down your timber flooring. They’ll also understand the unique features of the wood itself.

When it comes to sanding, staining, polishing, different hardwoods benefit from different finishes. An expert will be able to make the best recommendations for your timber selection and provide those services as part of your installation.

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What to ask a professional flooring installer before getting started

Other than how they put your estimate together, what questions should you be asking a professional flooring installer?

Knowing what to ask can save you time, money and plenty of headaches down the line. So here are some features to look for when choosing the right Perth flooring company for your next project:

  • “Are you licensed and insured to perform this type of flooring installation?”
  • “How many years of experience do you have with flooring installs?”
  • “Have you worked with this specific type of hardwood before?”
  • “Do you offer product or workmanship warranties?”
  • “Can you share customer reviews or references for similar projects?”
  • “How long will a project like this take to complete from start to finish?”

Ready to find the right timber flooring cost for your budget?

While DIY websites make flooring seem like a fun and easy weekend project, most homeowners will find they took on more than they bargained for.

Properly installing timber flooring requires precision, patience, and experience to avoid damage, gaps, or hours of wasted time. Timber flooring installation cost does not have to break the bank, but you will want a custom quote since it can vary from $75 to $85 per square metre. Always look for a professional installer with experience in your area with the hardwood you have selected.

Remember, each timber will have different requirements for installing and finishing, and you’ll have timeless, durable flooring if you go with the pros.

Ready to get started with your timber flooring installation? Call us on 0407 983 020 or fill out our quick quote request form. We’ll go over everything in detail so you can budget your home improvement project and feel confident your timber floors will be installed correctly, at a price that works for you.

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