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blackbutt_flooringChoosing new flooring for your home is an exciting process, but many homeowners can become overwhelmed by all of the options. When it comes to durable, gorgeous floors, blackbutt flooring in Perth is almost always a winning choice.

While the natural colour of the blackbutt is simply striking, you can also enhance the look with a variety of stains and sealers. And since no two timber boards will ever look the same, you’ll have a floor that will be unique to you and your home.

At Allen Brothers Flooring, we pride ourselves on only working with the best, high-quality materials for an impeccable timber floor. We’re also an Australian and family-owned company with over 14 years of experience and are proud to work with a number of Australian-made products.

We stand behind our work no matter how big or small a project is. Allen Brothers Flooring offers a 5-year warranty on all installations and restorations. Our quick, free quotes also add transparency to the process, so you never have to guess at costs or worry about hidden fees – ever.

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Blackbutt Flooring 101

Blackbutt, or Eucalyptus pilularis, is an Australian-grown hardwood that is known for both its design and sustainability. Despite the name, the wood does not have a dark or black colour to it. This moniker comes from the tree itself, which has a darkened lower portion on its bark.

Many homeowners choose this timber for their flooring because of its natural wood grain, or gum veins, that ranges from gold to pale brown. Despite this colour variance, the wood has a very even texture, making it a choice in many modern designs.

As a hardwood, blackbutt has a high density, making it extremely durable and able to stand up to high traffic and use in a home. The timber is sourced from coastal areas in NSW and Queensland, where it is sustainably managed in State forests in accordance with forestry standards.

Its density also makes it great at resisting two major threats in Perth: termites and fire. Seasoned blackbutt has a density of 900 kg/m3. It also has bushfire resistance ratings of BAL 12.5, 19 and 29, which are all AS3959 required.

Benefits of blackbutt timber floors

✔️ Extremely durable floorboards
✔️ Fire and termite resistant
✔️ Gold to pale brown colouring
✔️ Australian-grown and sustainable

How are blackbutt floors installed?

The timeline for the whole process will depend partly on how large of a space you are having refloored. That said, most jobs take between 1-3 days to complete from start to finish.

Your installer will arrive on-site with unfinished floorboards and all of the equipment needed to get the job done right. Depending on your subfloor, the boards will either be glued down or nailed into the floor joists themselves. Hardwood floors are much more suited to being fixed in place than using floating flooring installs that work better with engineered products. Once the timber is in place, your installer can sand, stain, or seal the floor as needed.

Maintaining your blackbutt floors

Once the flooring is installed and finished to your requirements, blackbutt is very easy to maintain. Never use abrasive cleaners or detergents on blackbutt. All you need to do is dust, vacuum, or use a damp mop to wipe up spills. This will help protect the finish on the floor while keeping things clean.

Blackbutt is also very hard-wearing and a great choice for spaces like kitchens, offices, and living rooms. If you notice a bit of wear from traffic over time, turn to a flooring specialist that can help with sanding and resealing any trouble spots.

Learn more about what NOT to do: What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Timber Floor

How much does blackbutt flooring cost in Perth?

Blackbutt is a premium flooring product that results in a premium aesthetic and use for decades. This investment can also increase have a return on investment between 70-80% if you decide to sell your home.

On average, blackbutt timber costs between $80 to $150m2 for the materials, before installation. Put into terms for the typical Australian home, a 15m2 kitchen can cost $2,100 to $3,375 in materials and installation. You’ll also need to consider costs for finishing, as outlined below.

Service or Material Average Cost Per Square Metre
Blackbutt Timber Flooring $80 to $150
Engineered Blackbutt Flooring $75 to $110
Installation Service $60 to $75
Border or Edging Patterns $50 to $60
Sanding $30 to $60
Staining or Sealing $10 to $15
Polishing $30 to $50

Go deeper on costs in our blog: How Much Does Timber Floor Installation Cost in Perth?

Why choose Allen Brothers for blackbutt flooring

We are highly experienced at working with wood; our skills include installation, sanding, polishing, coatings, and repairs. Whether we’re restoring an old floor or installing a new one, we always do a quality job, and we back that up with our 5-year warranty.

We also offer free onsite flooring consultations, so you can take advantage of our advice with no obligation! Call our team today on 0407 983 020 or contact us online to set up a quick appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackbutt Flooring in Perth

What rooms should not have blackbutt installed?

While blackbutt is extremely durable, it’s often not the best option for very damp spaces like bathrooms or laundry rooms. In these cases, however, you can explore options in engineered products or laminates that have the look of blackbutt but can handle the moisture a bit better.

How long does blackbutt flooring last?

This is another reason why blackbutt is such a great investment. Properly installed and cared for floors can last 50 years or more. And with options for sanding and refinishing, you may never need to install new hardwood in your home again.

Do you have to stain blackbutt timber?

Absolutely not. You’ll still want your installer to protect the floorboards with a sealer or polish. This will bring out the natural colours and grain even more than leaving it bare. Stains and oils can make the tones appear richer but are not required.

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