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High Quality Timber Floor Polishing


Refresh and enhance the beauty and value of your home with our floor polishing solutions!

Maintaining your timber floor is often a tedious job -- but it doesn’t have to be! At Allen Brother’s Flooring, our team of experts can help you restore your floors, fill in marks, and make your old, dull, and faded floors look as fresh as they did the day you moved in!

Nothing can make a home as aesthetically pleasing, elegant, and warm as beautiful timber floors (not to mention the improved retail value). If you want to restore your tired floors to their former glory, consider our timber floor sanding and timber floor coating services. We use the highest quality timber products available in the market including Bona finishes, Loba finishes, and Osmo Finishes, as well as Polycure and Whittle Wax Coatings.

How do I know if my floor needs polishing?

Not sure if it’s time to restore your hardwood floors? You’ll know if you need to invest in this service if you recognise any of the following warning signs:

  • Your floors look worn out with extensive scratches or dents.
  • You notice water gets absorbed easily when it’s spilled (this is a sign your wood is stripped and you’re at risk of serious water damage in the future).
  • You haven’t sanded and finished your wood in years (especially if it’s been over 10 years, though you might need help sooner if you live in a high-traffic home).

Remember, scuffs and scratches don’t mean you’ve lost that “brand new” timber feel. With professional timber polishing, you can turn back the clock and enjoy floors that look brand new all over again.

How much does floor polishing cost in Perth?

The overall cost will depend on many factors, including:

  • How damaged your existing floor is
  • The type of finish and sanding you require
  • The size of your space

That said, professional timber polishing is surprisingly affordable, as you should only expect to pay $30-$60 per square meter.

Keep in mind, investing in professional floor polishing is an investment in your health and happiness. Getting your floor professionally polished can help you decrease allergies, maximise your home’s value, and increase the lifetime value of your floors.

Plus, you will overcome the downsides that come with trying to polish floors on your own, including uneven wanding, poor varnishing, and more. If you’re still on the fence, you can read more about the price (and benefits) of floor polishing here.

What is the polishing process in Perth?

When you hire our professional floor polishers, we start by sanding the floor so it’s even and aesthetically pleasing. After we sand the floorboards, we can't just leave the timber exposed as this would cause the wood to wear down faster, allowing dirt and water to destroy the timber fibres. To avoid this, we apply coatings and finishes using premium quality products.

What products do we use? Well, each type of wood needs different treatment depending on a range of factors like the area of the house it is situated in and how many people walk over it every day.

Generally, we recommend the best coatings available -- like ​​Bona, Loba, Osmo Finishes, Polycure and Whittle Wax Coatings to ensure great results.

Our Floor Polishing Process:

  1. Quote
  2. Booking & Scheduling
  3. Planning & Implementation

This depends on whether or not your floor needs sanding and polishing. That said, if you need the whole sha-bang, here is the process.

First, the sanding. We start by making sure there are no nails sticking out of your floor or uneven surfaces that need levelling. Then, we start with coarse grade sandpaper on a floor sander to sand away existing finishes, coats, stains, or varnishes.

Next, we use a medium grain sandpaper to further buff the floors, particularly hard-to-reach edges or spaces.

After this process, any holes in the floor will be filled to ensure there is a smooth, even surface. Then, a fine grade sandpaper is used to fully smooth the rest of the surface. If you want to apply a stain, we apply it after this step! If not, we get to polishing.

During polishing, we start with a base coat that will seal the timber. This coat will be left to dry overnight. Then, we will be able to apply your chosen finish. Each coat of finish will take some time, though waterborne polyurethane dries more quickly than solvent-based options. Overall, the whole process should be completed in less than a week.

What warranties do you offer?

We offer a 5-year warranty for our sanding and polishing, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen the right team. For extra peace of mind, we also offer:

  • Expert advice and aftercare maintenance
  • Services backed by over 14 years of experience
  • Maximum security, protection, and safety throughout the polishing process
  • Trust that comes with working with an Australian family owned and operated business

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Polishing in Perth

Is it worth getting my floors professionally polished?

If you have timber floors, the answer is a resounding yes.

Your timber floors can, and will, become cracked, unattractive, and less durable over time, and this can make your space look dated and drab. Regular floor sanding and polishing is key to preventing this from happening and helping to maintain your hardwood floors.

Additionally, timber floor polishing can unlock the following benefits:

✔ Minimise allergies

If anyone in your household struggles with allergies, polishing your floors can help.


Dust, debris, and allergen particles generally get stuck to rough surfaces -- including your hardwood floor. This can be difficult to clean on your own, as unpolished floors are absorbent and the allergens can get absorbed into the fibers. Polishing your floors, on the other hand, cleans away these particles and seals the wood against future debris lodging in.

✔ Increase your home’s resale value

Believe it or not, something as simple as sanding and polishing your floors can increase your home’s curb appeal and make it look more modern and updated.

This can increase your property value by hundreds or thousands of dollars -- without requiring much effort at all.

✔ Help you update your interior

If you’re tired of your home’s interior -- but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a remodel -- polishing your floors and applying a different finish can help change things up quickly and easily.

✔ Make your floors last longer

Timber floors need regular maintenance (in the form of sanding and polishing) to maintain their appearance and structural integrity. Without this care, you may need to replace timber floors long before their time, setting you back thousands of dollars.

What’s the difference between floor sanding and polishing?

Floor sanding is a process during which you use an abrasive material to get rid of damaged polyurethane sealer or damaged wood. This is necessary if your floors are really worn or if you have significant damage like deep scratches. Floor sanding is typically followed up by coating the floor with a protective sealant to guard against moisture, spills, etc.

Floor polishing, on the other hand, is a finishing process that uses an abrasive belt or disk to smooth the floor and restore glow. When you polish wood, you’re not getting rid of anything, while sanding includes removal of material.

Could I polish my own floors?

Technically, yes (you can attempt anything on your own with the right attitude).

But there are plenty of things that can go wrong or cause danger to you, meaning no amount of DIY spirit can replace a professional Perth flooring team.

Having serviced Kallaroo and the entire Perth Metro for over 10 years, the following problems are common in DIY floor polishing attempts:

✘ Uneven sanding

If you sand a particular area for too long - or sand unevenly - it can create indentations in your wood floor. It can also be difficult to reach corners or hard-to-reach areas on your own.

✘ Floating dust particles

When you’re sanding and polishing floor, it will create a dusty environment in your home. Not only can you breathe this in, but unaddressed dust can get caught in your varnish and create imperfections in your final product.

✘ Poorly applied varnish or poor finishing

As a customer, you won’t have access to as many stains and varnish options as a professional organisation. You’ll simply have what you can get off the shelves. This can lead to you choosing a lower quality varnish that’s likely to peel, marr, or look dingy over time.

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