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High Quality Ironbark Flooring

ironbark_flooringFor a deep hued floor with an even deeper history, consider ironbark flooring direct from Australia. Available in several varieties, the wood is native to the country and is popular in Perth homes (for good reason).

This sturdy and vibrant timber is prized by homeowners as a unique, premium flooring material. And, by choosing the right shade for your home and having it properly installed, you’ll have flooring designed to last a lifetime or more.

Allen Brothers Flooring understands the nuances of Australian flooring products and how they can be best used in homes and businesses. Our team consults with each customer over samples, colourways, and usage to make sure everyone gets the right fit for them. Before a single board is placed, all project details are thoroughly detailed in a free estimate, so you never have to question what you’re paying for.

We also back all of your work with a 5-year guarantee, which means you don’t have to worry about workmanship or what to do if you have a question. Just call us up on 0407 983 020 to get started, chat with our friendly staff, or schedule a consultation today!

Types of ironbark to choose for your floors

Broadly speaking, ironbark comes from two varieties of trees. Grey ironbark, or Eucalyptus paniculata, grows throughout NSW and takes its name from the daunting exterior bark. The timber boards, once felled and processed, have a red to a dark brown hue that brings warm tones to any interior space. Lighter varieties of this timber come from saplings that have to get to cultivate the natural darker colourations.

The other type, red ironbark, comes from the Eucalyptus sideroxylon tree. True to its name, this timber is dark red to red-brown with orange tinges, making it an unmistakable product. It is more deceptive in the wild, where its iron black bark disguises what lies inside.

Both grey and red ironbark come from very dense, heavy trees that can weigh up to over 1,000 kg per m3. This can make it a little more difficult to work with even after it has been milled and readied for installation in your home.

Also, like the iron that it takes its name from, ironbark flooring is extremely tough, standing up to pretty much anything a home can throw its way. Grades separate ironbark depending on variations in grain, knots, and colour, whereas more consistent boards are classified as select or higher-quality.

Benefits of ironbark flooring

✔️ Distinctive colouring from pale brown to the stark red
✔️ Class 1 Timber Durability Rating
✔️ Australian-sourced timber flooring
✔️ Interlocking and varied grain
✔️ Easy to maintain with minimal work

What’s the advantage of timber over engineered ironbark?

There’s nothing like the real thing when it comes to true timber floors. While you may save a little upfront, engineered flooring may not last as long. What’s more, as engineered woods wear down, the thin layer on top becomes even thinner, and these floors cannot easily be sanded down and refinished. There simply isn’t enough wood to work within most cases. With real timber, your floors can last up to 40 years or more and then be sanded and restored to look new again.

How to care for your new ironbark flooring

The great news is that ironbark is so sturdy and dense, it can stand up to high foot traffic and the occasional dropped item without any issues. This makes it great for families with kids and pets.

To keep the floors in top shape for years to come, make sure to use an anti-static rag to wipe up dust and small grains of dirt that can slowly scratch away at the surface over time. You can also use a damp (not soaking wet) mop to clean up spills. Be sure not to leave liquids on the ironbark surface for long periods of time since prolonged exposure can cause staining or other damage.

What are the downsides of ironbark flooring?

It’s hard to find the negatives with such a sturdy and beautiful looking timber, but in fact, that sturdiness might be its only downside. Ironbark is especially dense, boasting a Janka ranking of 14, making it take longer to dry when treated with oil, stain, or sealant.

It is also more difficult to work with, though it should not pose any problems for a professional installer. Ironbark can resist nails and other standard means of installation, leaving installers to opt for floating or glue-down options instead. While this is not a deal breaker, it can slow down the overall install process a small bit. The density of the wood also resists a lot of detail work since it is harder to cut and work with overall.

How much does ironbark flooring cost in Perth?

Ironbark is a high-quality flooring timber that is designed to last. The red hues can also be a great alternative if you are interested in jarrah timber but your budget cannot accommodate it.

The total cost of your flooring will be a factor in how long it takes to install and how much flooring you have to cover with materials. This is why you’ll always want to request a custom quote for a flooring project. However, you can use the below average costs to get an idea of what this type of flooring in Perth can cost.

Service or Material Average Cost Per Square Metre

Ironbark Timber Flooring

$70 to $110

Engineered Ironbark Flooring

$50 to $75
Installation Service $60 to $75
Border or Edging Patterns $50 to $60
Sanding $30 to $60
Staining or Sealing $10 to $15
Polishing $30 to $50

Go deeper on costs in our blog: How Much Does Timber Floor Installation Cost in Perth?

Iron out the details of your ironbark flooring with Allen Brothers

We’re experts in all things flooring with over 14 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses right here in Western Australia. Allen Brothers Flooring is a family-run business that puts the focus on customers. We want you to love your new floor. That’s why we work with you to help you find the best timber and finish for your space.

Not only do we source the best Australian-made products, but we are also experts in installation, repair, and restoration. With Allen Brothers Flooring, you’ll never need to worry about your flooring again. Call us on 0407 983 020 to learn more or request a free quote today.

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