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Affordable Jarrah Flooring

jarrah_flooringReady for flooring that’s native to Western Australia? Jarrah flooring embodies the WA land we have all come to love. These trees are slow growing but draw from the rich soil to bring out hues that remind us all of the Perth landscape.

Jarrah is more than just beautiful. It’s a versatile timber board that is great for flooring in high-traffic areas where the function is just as important as style. In fact, it’s so well-rounded that many homeowners use it both inside and outside their homes for flooring and decking.

Allen Brothers Flooring is also a product of WA and a proud one at that. We work with our customers to select, install, and finish the best quality timber floors available. With over 14 years of experience, we know the ins and the outs of the flooring industry.

All you have to do is focus on the aesthetic and budget you’d like to work with. Allen Brothers will take care of the rest. We start every project with a no-obligation quote for exact materials and services, so there are zero surprises. From there, we manage all of the scheduling, orders, and implementation for your new flooring in Perth.

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Understanding jarrah flooring

Jarrah attracts homeowners of all types while repelling everything those owners do, including fire, insects, termites, and even dampness. This alone makes this type of flooring in Perth a great choice, but there’s even more to love.

Coming from the jarrah tree, or Eucalyptus marginata, this timber board captures the colours of the Australian land quite literally. Growing in Western Australia in soil rich with iron, the wood colours come in shades from light blondes to deep reds. Younger trees tend to come in lighter colours as the hues deepen over time with this slow-growing species.

Jarrah is so versatile that you can find it as a hard-wearing flooring in home kitchens as well as in boat decking and even older utility poles. This is in one part due to how strong the wood is and in another part because it is naturally termite and fire resistant. It is also popular for window trim, door trim, baseboards, and cornice work to bring colour and character into the space that compliments the unique floor style.

Jarrah actually comes in different grades that are rated by the number of imperfections or occlusions in wood. Higher, more selective grades will have fewer pockets, knots, or streaks compared to more rustic styles.

Benefits of jarrah flooring

✔️ Unique reddish colours
✔️ Durable and long lasting
 ✔️ Easy installation method
✔️ Native to Western Australia
✔️ Resistant to termites and fire

Is jarrah flooring difficult to install?

Not for a professional flooring installer. It’s true that, due to the nature of the timber itself, jarrah can be more difficult to fix in place. However, timber flooring does not have to be secured with nails alone. Using glue is an adequate option for installation as long as the subfloor is prepared properly, and this is the only major difference between the install of jarrah compared to other Australian hardwoods.

Does jarrah require finishing or maintenance?

The timber colour largely speaks for itself, so from a finishing perspective, there is often little to do. Jarrah can be polished and sealed depending on your preferences with satin and semi-gloss finishes that also help further protect the surface.

Like other hardwood floors, jarrah should regularly have dust or grit swept up to reduce scratching the finish. This can be done with a dust mop or brushless vacuum. There’s no need to use any chemical cleaners on the surface, even if you spill food or drink on the timber. Simply wipe it up with a damp cloth, and you’re done!

How long do jarrah floors last?

Not only can they typically last up to 40 years, but you can expect them to get better with age. Jarrah’s unique red colours actually deepen over time, especially if exposed to sunlight. You can also expect to extend the life of your flooring decades from now with options for sanding and refinishing.

How much does jarrah flooring in Perth cost?

Jarrah has the distinction of only coming from older forests in WA and not widely commercially farmed. As such, it is considered a rarer flooring option, with material costs that reflect this. However, the rarity can also pay dividends in the event you decide to sell your home.

For genuine jarrah timber, you can expect to pay between $80 to $120 per m2 for the material alone. To finish a standard Australian kitchen sized 15m2, the material and installation cost can be between $2,100 and $3,000. But the result will be priceless.

Service or Material Average Cost Per Square Metre

Jarrah Timber Flooring

$80 to $120

Engineered Jarrah Flooring

$75 to $100
Installation Service $60 to $75
Border or Edging Patterns $50 to $60
Sanding $30 to $60
Staining or Sealing $10 to $15
Polishing $30 to $50

Go deeper on costs in our blog: How Much Does Timber Floor Installation Cost in Perth?

Choose WA’s best flooring and installer: Allen Brothers Flooring

At Allen Brothers Flooring, we know Western Australia, and we know flooring in Perth. In fact, we’ve served the area for over 14 years as sellers and installers of only the highest quality, Australian-made products.

We not only serve WA, but we live here too! That’s why we know how to find the right flooring fit for any Australian home or business with customer-focused results. From new floors to repairs, Allen Brothers is ready to help you get the jarrah flooring you want at a price you can afford.

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