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Rules to Consider When Installing Timber Floors While Renovating

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Timber floors will provide your Perth home with no end of benefits. But, while authentic wooden flooring is tough, easy to maintain, and looks amazing, you must install it with care.

Without taking the right timber floor installation measures while you’re in the process of building or renovating your home, you could cause issues or create damage further down the line.

But, don’t worry, as one of Perth’s most respected timber floor experts, we’re going to tell you the dos and don’ts of installing timber floors when you're in the throes of renovating our Perth home.

Let’s dive in.

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The dos and don’ts of installing timber floors during a renovation

With the right tools and careful preparation, you can install a timber flooring yourself. But, be warned: installing wood flooring to highly-professional standards is an intricate job and for the best results, we advise hiring a local expert.

Now, whether you decide to tackle the task yourself or hire the service of a timber floor specialist, there are some rules (or ‘dos and don’ts’) you should consider. And, here they are:


  • Talk to other contractors in your home to establish a safe and suitable time frame to install your floors. Ideally, you should aim for as late in the build or renovation as possible to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Take your time to make sure you choose the best possible flooring and timber type for your home.
  • Clear and prepare your floors thoroughly, ensuring enough space and access during the installation process.


  • Start installing your floors (or book installation) before mapping out your renovation timelines. Doing so could cause confusion, delays or worse, damage to your brand new flooring.
  • Rush the process and think you have to get your floors in as quickly as possible. Patience and research will ensure you get the perfect timber floor for your home.
  • Choose a supplier without a suitable level of experience, knowledge or a solid local reputation. If you do, you’re likely to end up with poor quality timber flooring that will cause you nothing but issues.
  • Expose your floors to a high volume of footfall after installation. You can remain in your home while your timber floors are finished, but you must take measures to allow your new floors finishes to cure or set for the time advised (either by a professional or as featured on your product’s packaging) after installation.

Upgrade your Perth home with Timber floors with confidence

Now that you understand the importance of preparation and installation when it comes to your timber floors, it’s time to take that big next step.

As trusted timber floor specialists, here at Allen Brothers we can help you choose the best wood products for your Perth and install it to the highest standards at any suitable point during the renovation process.

Benefits of using Allen Brothers for your timber flooring needs…

  • We offer free and fair on-site quotes for every project
  • We boast a fuss-free five-year guarantee on our work
  • We have 14 years of professional industry experience
  • We are a trusted family-owned business with an outstanding track record

So, if you’re looking for timber floor installation experts near you, call us on 0407 983 020 or fill out our form for a fast free quote.

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