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What Trim Should You Choose For Your Timber Flooring?

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Timber floors are stunning, durable, and will work wonderfully in every room of your Perth property.

More Australian’s than ever are choosing top-quality timber floors for their homes or businesses—and for good reason.

Affordable, practical, and alluring to the eye, timber flooring is as timeless as it is practical—making it an excellent investment (especially if your home or business sees plenty of footfall).

But, to finish a timber floor properly and enjoy the full benefits of your investment, choosing the right trim is essential.

A good timber floor trim will cover any potential gaps located near walls, edges or skirtings while giving your flooring arrangement extra strength and resilience—it also looks incredible.

When it comes to trim, knowing where to start can prove tricky. But, never fear because we’re going to guide you through the motions.

Without further ado, here’s what to look for when you’re choosing a trim for your timber flooring.

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Consider your timber choice

When choosing a trim, it’s vital that you consider an option that complements your choice of timber flooring.

Each type of timber flooring has a unique set of visual features and attributes. That said, once you’ve decided on the type or style of timber floor you’re going to commit to, you should shortlist trims that will work with your choice, both in terms of looks and practicality.

For a better understanding of wood types, read our practical guide to the five best types of timber for your floor.

Think about your room size & budget

Quality timber floors make an excellent investment due to their amazing aesthetics and hard wearing nature. But, to ensure you get the best end result for your money, considering your room size and budget.

By setting an overall budget for your floors, you will be able to choose a quality trim that is affordable, looks great, and will go the distance.

Ask the professionals

Without a doubt, to make sure you end up with the best possible trim for your Perth home, asking for professional guidance will go a long way. And, if you need a little expert consultancy on timber floor installation and trim, we can help.

With a five-year warranty on every project, an outstanding track record, and a fine selection of timber floor and trim options, we can make your home renovation dreams a reality.

"The quality of the service and the professionalism of Chris and Tim and the team is excellent. The completed job is of a high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone."—Christopher, a happy customer from Mont Lawley

We know everything there is to know about timber flooring trims and will do everything we can to guide you in the right direction.

As a family-run business, we’re one of Perth’s most trusted timber specialists. Our customers always come first and as such, we will work to meet your needs, down to the very last detail.

Ready to choose your perfect trim or need a little extra advice? Call us on 0407  983 020 or fill out our form for a quick free quote.

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