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The 5 Best Types of Timber for Your Floor

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Hardwood floors are long lasting, hardwearing, and will make your Perth home look amazing.

There’s nothing quite like a quality wood floor finish—and whatever your tastes, you’ll find a type of timber flooring that will not only complement but enhance the look of any room in your home.

While timber flooring is without a doubt a brilliant interior investment, knowing what type of timber to choose for your home can be tricky.

But, don’t sweat it because here we’re going to look at the five best types of timber for your interior flooring—starting with a tried and tested homegrown classic.

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✔️ Jarrah

Native to Australia, Jarrah timber flooring contains fewer knots to other types of wood finish, offering a slick, minimal, and classic look. Jarrah timber is also known for its incredible durability and fade-resistant quality, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the home—especially if you have kids or pets.

✔️ Blackbutt

With a striking straight grain and a paler or more golden tone than Jarrah timber, Blackbutt looks classy and gives the illusion of space in smaller or more condensed rooms. Incredibly popular in Western Australia, Blackbutt is a solid timber flooring option for all types of home.

✔️ Spotted Gum

One of the nation's premium native hardwoods, Spotted Gum has a striking and unmistakable finish with rich brown tones. It's durable, hardwearing and a popular for decking as well as kitchen and dining room floors. A unique style of timber flooring that will last for many years with the right care.

✔️ Karri

Very similar to Jarrah timber, Karri is also fade-resistant, durable, and versatile—but, it comes in a darker reddish-brown tone with subtle accents of orange and pinks. This dense and tough type of timber flooring looks amazing and its darker, richer tones will add a real ambience to any room in the home.

✔️ Ironbark

Finally, we move onto one the world’s toughest premium hardwoods—Ironbark timber flooring. Native to New South Wales, this lavish yet affordable style of timber flooring will withstand a great deal of wear and tear while retaining its high-quality finish. If you’re looking for a sleek grey to deep red timber finish that will go the distance, Ironbark might be the hardwood for you.

Ready to upgrade your floors? We hope our guide has inspired you to choose a timber floor that you will not only love but will offer years of quality, comfort, and stability to your home. More and more people in Perth are choosing timber flooring and for good reason—it’s a brilliant investment.

For more pearls of wisdom, check out our official guide to best flooring finishes and if you're looking for any advice on maintenance, installation or timber products, get in touch

We'll be happy to help—and with a five-year warranty on all projects, we can make your flooring dreams come true.

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