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timber_flooring_perthA high-quality timber floor will transform your Perth home, adding warmth, practicality, and durability. We’ve been providing beautiful timber flooring to the Perth metropolitan area for more than a decade and have the experience to deliver a perfect job in your home.

Our Perth Timber Floors

We source the highest-quality Australian timbers for our customers. Options include:

Jarrah - Native to Western Australia, this hardwood is a popular choice for its deep red colour. It is hard-wearing, resistant to fading, and has few knots. Very durable, it is suitable for even high-traffic areas of the home.

Blackbutt - Ranging from golden to pale brown, Blackbutt provides good resistance to fire, is quite durable, and offers a beautifully straight grain.

Spotted Gum - A highly unique timber, Spotted Gum is highly variable, featuring everything from pale straw to deep brown. Attractive and hard-wearing, this is a highly popular choice among our customers.

Karri - A rich reddish-brown wood that can contain hints of pink, purple and orange. Karri is similar to Jarrah, to which it is closely related, and is both dense and durable.

Ironbark - Ranging from greys to deep reds, Ironbark is a premium hardwood and one of the most durable woods in the world.

Why Timber Flooring?

A timber floor is a great choice for any home. Unlike carpets, which last just 10-15 years, a timber floor can last a lifetime. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of our floors were still looking great 100 years from now!

That long life is because timber floor is so durable; the Australian hardwoods we recommend are extremely tough and resistant to everyday wear-and-tear. When combined with the right floor finish or polish, your hardwood floor will be extra resilient, waterproof and dirt-proof.

Wooden floors are also practical – an antistatic mop is all you need to get up the majority of dirt and dust. Compare this to a carpet, which actively traps dust and dirt and can become a holding ground for allergens, and it’s easy to see why many Perth homeowners are switching to wooden floors.

And then, of course, there’s the beautiful look of a fine piece of timber. We believe wooden floors give a homely feel that is unmatched by other floor types – and we’re willing to bet you agree!

Coatings and Finishes

We use premium coatings to protect the timber floors we install. These include Bona, Osmo, Loba, Polycure, and Whittle Wax. These finishes add an additional layer of protection to your flooring and reduce the likelihood of marking or staining.
We recommend multiple products so that we can make the best possible recommendation for specific floors and lifestyles. Ask us for more information – we’ll be happy to help.
Why Choose Allen Brothers For Your Perth Timber Floor?
We are highly experienced at working with wood; our skills include installation, sanding, polishing, coatings, and repairs. Whether we’re restoring an old floor or installing a new one, we always do a quality job, and we back that up with our 5-year warranty.
We also offer free onsite flooring consultations, so you can take advantage of our advice with no obligation! Call our team today on 0407 983 020 or contact us online to set up a quick appointment.

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