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How To Choose The Best Hybrid Flooring Supplier In Perth

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You’ll want only the best flooring materials and installation Western Australia can offer. Here’s how to find them.

Ready to inject some new life into your home with brand new flooring?

Hybrid floors are becoming an increasingly popular option with a variety of styles, finishes, sizes, and options to choose from. They’re also versatile, hard-wearing, and largely offer great bang for your buck.

That said, there are quite a few options for purchasing your new floors. From local shops to home improvement warehouses to online stores, it can be hard to decide what the best hybrid flooring supplier is with all of the noise out there. And it’s critical to choose a quality supplier so that your final outcome is a long-lasting, high-end flooring solution that is designed to last.

But you don’t need to stress, because we’ll show you how to choose the best hybrid flooring supplier right now.

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Key considerations when evaluating flooring suppliers

Choosing your flooring type is just the start of your flooring project.

You might be clear that you want hybrid flooring, but which brand, type, colourway, and even supplier can add time to the process while you make your decisions. The best hybrid flooring supplier will be able to help you choose the best kind of flooring for your project with more than just installation experience. They’ll also have design know-how, materials access, and a wide variety of experience to pull on to help you on your way.

1. Inventory

You don’t want to be limited based on what is available. Be sure that any supplier you consider has a wide range of materials and flooring brands available for you to choose from. Changing out your floors is no small project. So don’t settle for less with a small shop that only has a few options. Be confident that the right flooring is out there and keep your search going until you find a supplier with a wide variety of inventory for you to choose from.

Discover our recommendation for the top hybrid flooring brands before you go…

2. Location, location, location

Sure you can go online and try to choose your flooring based on thumbnails. But the best hybrid flooring suppliers are going to have local Perth showrooms or offices where you can visit and see samples of the actual materials you’re considering. And that can go a long way in making sure that you choose the right colour or finish for your flooring design. When in doubt, go local and ask whether they carry or can get samples of the brands you are considering from your online research.

3. Credibility

You will want to trust your new floors to only the best. Make sure that anyone you are considering is licensed and insured to provide and install the flooring you’re picking out. This will help to protect everyone involved as well as your purchase. Some of the best local suppliers are going to be those with a bevy of references and repeat or referral customers. You can ask around to see what your neighbours and family have used in the past. But don’t be shy to ask any supplier you’re considering for references of their own or what their referral and repeat business is like.

4. Full service

Flooring is more than a utilitarian purchase. It’s a design element that can bring new life into a home or business. You might have a clear vision (or some Pinterest images bookmarked) for what you want your new flooring to look like. But it can be beneficial to choose a supplier that also offers design consultations. They may notice issues with ideas you have in mind, such as the amount of waste material (and increased cost) for a specific layout. They may also have ideas you have never considered before with a robust gallery that will open your eyes to exciting possibilities.

Full service starts with design assistance and ends with exceptional flooring. But in between, you’ll want to make sure that the supplier you choose is one who can take care of removing any existing flooring material, disposing of waste properly, and that they have the experienced staff on hand to execute on whatever flooring material and design you end up choosing.

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Top questions for any hybrid flooring supplier

Once you have narrowed down your suppliers, you’ll be certain to be using price as one means to choose the best of the bunch. But as important as budget is, it shouldn’t be the only factor that goes into choosing the best hybrid flooring supplier. In fact, it’s possible that the top choice might be slightly more than the cheapest competitor. So how do you go about weighing the different factors?

Start by considering experience. The cheapest option might also be the least experienced option, leaving you with a subpar installation that will require repairs or leave you less than satisfied with the results. Ask any potential supplier how long they have been in business and what their direct experience is with helping people design their flooring solutions and install them properly.

Hybrid flooring is a unique material with specific installation requirements. Make sure whoever you choose is well versed in exactly that – hybrid flooring. Don’t go with a general supplier that provides a wide variety of solutions only to specialise in none of them.

Now that you have a more tailored list of options to choose from, here are the top questions you can ask any hybrid flooring supplier to determine who is the best for your project.

  • “Do you have customer references?”
  • “Can I see a portfolio of your finished work?”
  • “What flooring types do you specialise in?”
  • “Which brands do you provide materials for?”
  • “What warranties are available on materials?”
  • “Do you charge based on square or linear metres?”
  • “Can you help prep the space or do items need to be removed before arrival?”
  • “What workmanship guarantees do you offer?”
  • “What is your typical service area here in Perth?”
  • “Do you employ your own team or outsource installation?”
  • “Do you keep inventory in stock or place orders as needed?”
  • “What maintenance is needed or included in your materials?”
  • “Do you perform removal of existing flooring solutions before installation?”
  • “Do you offer free quotes or estimates?”
  • “What disposal services do you provide for existing materials?”
  • “What design services and advice do you provide customers?”

WARNING: A quick note about going it alone…

Hybrid flooring systems are appealing to many homeowners because of their easier installation process (compared to traditional timber flooring systems). However, these floating floor systems still require a careful and experienced hand to install correctly and effectively.

To this end, many homeowners consider the idea of turning their flooring project into a DIY masterpiece. However, there’s much more to installing hybrid flooring than might first meet the eye. And many ambitious DIY adventurers might find that they have taken on more than they can handle.

Consider that flooring requires accurate measuring to start with to be sure you order enough materials. A supplier can take care of this for you, considering the standard amount of waste that results from cutting down planks to size or accommodating awkward angles or fancy designs. And speaking of cutting, there is a lot to assembly including trimming, seaming, sealing, spacing, securing, and installing the boards properly.

In almost all cases, it absolutely pays to go with a supplier who will also take care of the installation for you. And the best will handle everything for you from start to finish. They’ll also have all of the necessary tools for the job and be able to confirm minor details from subflooring quality to workmanship guarantees.

Go with the pros at Allen Brothers for your hybrid flooring

For full-service flooring done right, turn to the experts at Allen Brothers Flooring. We’re local to Perth and a tried-and-true family owned, Australia operated business that cares about every single job we take on. From supplying flooring materials to crafting designs and installing high-end products, our team is dedicated to high-quality work with transparent pricing.

We’re confident that you’ll find the hybrid flooring you’re looking for at a price you can afford with our catalogue of materials and services. Allen Brothers also provides fast free quotes including measuring so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need – no more, no less. All of our work is backed with a 5-year warranty so you can have peace of mind that your flooring project will turn out exactly how you dreamed. For more information, call us on 0407 983 020 or request a quick quote online today!

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