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The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Flooring [A Decision Guide]

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Discover what makes these high-tech floors distinctive to direct your flooring decision making process.

Ready for new floors that have the look of timber without the titanic price tag? 

More and more Perth homeowners are turning to hybrid floors rather than laminate or vinyl alone to mimic the look they want. 

And cost isn’t the only factor that makes these innovative floors popular with families and even businesses with high traffic areas. If you want flooring that’s waterproof, easy to maintain, and made to last, consider hybrid flooring.

Odds are we’re telling you about advantages you already know, so let’s dive a little deeper and unpack the pros and cons of hybrid flooring.

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What makes hybrid flooring different than other types of flooring?

Hybrid floors get their name from the fact that they’re made up of two specific materials: 

  • laminate

  • vinyl

These are combined in layers that provide strength and long-lasting flooring solutions that can be used in homes and businesses with little to no maintenance. 

Hybrid floors are laid down on an acoustic backing that is usually already attached to the boards, making it easier to install. This backing helps reduce noise as well as insulate against the subfloor, making the floors more comfortable and convenient for use. 

The core of the boards is usually made from limestone composite or wood plastic composite, giving you a sturdy surface with rigidity. It’s also waterproof, as is the top layer that includes the decorative finish. This vinyl layer is adhered to look just like real wood without the cost, maintenance, or hassle of the real thing. This versatility allows manufacturers to offer hybrid floors in a variety of grains, finishes, and colourways that are guaranteed to match. 

How long to expect from your new hybrid floors to last

Because of its makeup, hybrid flooring is extra durable and long lasting, making it a great choice in homes around Western Australia. Even if you have kids and pets, you’ll have no problem keeping these floors looking great for decades to come. 

Hybrid floors can last 20-30 years with proper care, and they are also a low maintenance option, making them great for busy households. Mopping with a damp cloth and frequent vacuuming are the most easy and common ways to keep your floors clean. There’s no need for any harsh chemicals or cleaners to be used as dust and dirt can simply be wiped away. 

5 key benefits of hybrid flooring

Wondering what’s making hybrid spike in popularity? There are quite a few benefits that homeowners are availing themselves of, some of which just might surprise you. 

#1 - Cost

Tops on this list is going to be cost. Compared to real timber floors, you’re looking at spending a quarter of the price. At such a discount, many homeowners wonder if they are sacrificing quality, but that’s not the case at all. Today’s engineered hardwoods and hybrid floors are developed to last and look great doing it. 

Check out our ‘Hybrid Flooring Cost Price Guide’ for more information

#2 - Waterproofing

You never have to panic regarding spills when you install hybrid floors. Compared to their naturally absorbent timber counterparts, engineered floors are designed to repel liquids. Simply wipe up what you need to when you can to remove any signs of a mess. 

#3 - Options

Because these floors are manufactured, you have a lot more choices for wood looks and grains without the cost of actual timber. Wood-like designs reign supreme with a variety of options that may not otherwise be attainable due to supply issues or budget restrictions. They can resemble everything from luxurious Australian hardwoods to slate and even marble. 

Explore the BEST hybrid flooring brands here

#4 - Durability

Hybrid floors are also designed to take a beating. Whether you have a stone plastic composite (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC) core, you’re bound to have floors that last for decades. SPC floors tend to be even more durable because of their extra solid core.

#5 - Comfort

Surprisingly, despite their durability, hybrid floors tend to be softer and more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwoods and other materials like tile or stone. It all comes down to what’s at the core. The composition inside the boards actually makes them a bit more flexible or forgiving underfoot. 

The downsides of going with hybrid floors

While the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to hybrid flooring, there are a few downsides to keep in mind. 

For starters, no matter how fade resistant a brand touts their boards to be, some discolouration and fade is inevitable over time. The laminate coating should have some UV protection added to the wood look design, but time will tell whether your floors stand up to being in direct sunlight. 

Another downside is that no matter how great the laminate is designed, some brands are simply not able to pass off as equal to the look of real timber. Part of this comes down to how the laminate is actually printed and how varied their designs are. When the same grain pattern repeats too often, it can become more obvious that the boards are hybrids. It might help to look at larger samples or finished projects with your specific boards in mind to rule out this issue with the brand of your choosing.

Finalising floors the right way with Allen Brothers Flooring

Hybrid floors have another major thing in common with traditional timber and other flooring materials: they need to be managed and installed professionally to get the maximum value out of them. Hybrid floors work best with a level subfloor, which a professional installer will be certain to ensure is prepared properly. And while they can be installed as a floating floor, without the need for nails or glue, you’ll want to be sure to go with the pros to have the installation done just right.

Allen Brothers Flooring are the best professionals Perth has on offer when it comes to flooring of all shapes, types, and sizes. Our team of expert installers know the nuances of hybrid floors and have a wide variety of products for you to choose from for your home or business. After all, we have over 14 years of experience, making us experts in all things flooring.

We’re an Australia-based, family-owned business that truly believes in putting the customer first. We stand by all of our work with a 5-year workmanship warranty on every installation. To help you budget and plan accordingly, we offer completely free, customized on-site quotes. Just give us a call on 0407 983 020 or request a quote online.

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