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How To Make Your Timber Floors Look Good Entire Year

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Timber flooring can make a great addition to any room, providing an authentic and rustic feel. After a few years of sustaining some natural wear and tear, however, they can start to look a little tired and lifeless. Fear not: there are a number of different ways that you can bring dull and damaged flooring back to life with a few simple steps.

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Screening and Recoating - If your timber flooring appears scratched and worn but you like its colour, screening and recoating is a quick and fairly inexpensive way to shine wooden floors. All you need to do is scrub away the top coating of polyurethane and then apply a new coat of finish.

Screening works best when existing flooring has become damaged but the wood itself is still intact. Be mindful, though, that screening isn’t appropriate for waxed flooring. Instead, we recommend hiring a handyman to re-polish waxed timber using a buffing machine.

If you’re unsure whether your floor is wax or not, simply wipe a small amount of paint thinner into the floor - if it turns brown or yellow, it’s most likely to be wax.

Painting Timber Floors - Whilst waxes and varnishes are great when it comes to making the wood shine, paint can work, too - especially if your floors aren’t suitable for screening and recoating.

If you’re painting flooring for the first time, we’d recommend you sticking to something fairly basic. Be mindful, too, that for your paint to stick you’ll most likely need to rough it up first in order to remove any wax or sealant. You should also consider the thickness of your wood before sanding it, as solid wood can be sanded far more than engineered wood.

Decorating Flooring - Tones and colours will determine how well your wooden flooring blends with the rest of the room, helping to soften and define a space.

Implementing decorative rugs can help to bring your interior design together, as well as paying attention to the colours of your room to ensure that they match. By reimagining your interior design and ensuring that your colours blend well together, your timber will look good year-round, harmonizing well with the rest of the living space.

Using a Timber Floor Expert - No matter how bad the condition of your timber floors, hiring a skilled professional to tidy them up is a sure way to have them looking brand new again. Our Perth timber floor polishing specialists work to bring new life to your floorboards to your home with a stunning timber look.

Providing timber floor installations for over 14 years, Allen Brothers have built up a strong relationship for delivering top-quality workmanship. Having your timber floorboards professionally improved will help maintain the richness and warmth of solid hardwood flooring all year-round.

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