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We provide Perth's home and businesses the best timber floor installation. Nothing compares to the richness and warmth of real solid hardwood floorboards!

We're proud and grateful to have been providing timber floor installations in Perth for over 14 years and have built a strong reputation for delivering quality workmanship.

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We work closely with all of our clients right through the whole project from the initial stages of selecting the type of wood, right through to the final stages of sanding, coating and polishing. Having completed hardwood floor installations for customers throughout Perth, we can offer our clients a vast range of wood selections including Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Karri, Oak and Iron Bark.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our range of options, but also in our dedication to installing the highest quality, durable and long last lasting timber floor sanding in Perth. If you are ready to hire us for your next floor installation project, please feel free to contact us, and we will be so happy to assist you. On the other hand, if you need a bit of advice on what type of floors you should choose for your home or business in, you can also book a free consultation with us.

As professionals, we only use premium quality coatings including, Bona, Loba, and Osmo Finishes, Polycure and Whittle Wax Coatings. To learn more about the best coatings and finish to use on your floor, click here to request for a free consultation.

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Hiring Timber Floor Installation Professionals in Perth, WA to Your Advantage

When talking about home improvement projects such as timber floor installation, are you one of those who would rather go for the trending DIY method instead of sticking to traditional ways of hiring flooring experts? With all these advances in technology, it makes everything look so easy including doing floor installations yourself as long as you have all the materials you need at hand. For practical reasons, it does sound appealing to anybody. However, one fact remains; you are not a professional.

The following are just some of the key points why working with experts is still imperative:

1. They have been trained to possess the right skills and knowledge - The timber floor installations Perth professionals are specially trained to develop specific techniques and methods on every aspect of floor installations, sanding, coating, polishing, and repair that cannot be learned from a DIY manual. They have the right experience and craftsmanship to handle the materials and get the job done correctly.

2. Flooring experts can finish the job a lot quicker - If you plan on having timber floors installed in your home or business facility, you would want it to be done quickly as you will encounter a lot of hassles and disruptions to your daily routine. Qualified flooring experts have the competence, speed, and precision to work on timber floor installations. If you want your comfort and routine back as soon as possible, why waste precious time doing it yourself when you can hire a team of experts?

3. The timber floor installations Perth team of experts are capable of operating equipment used for flooring projects - Flooring projects like restoration and floor sanding involve systematised methods and specialised machine tools to ensure the accurate and long-lasting outcome. If you seek the help of a reputable flooring company, you can count on all the benefits of their services as well as the facilities and tools to provide the highest quality results.

4. They were trained to correctly interpret your flooring needs and estimate the various materials that are ideal for your specific requirements -  If an experienced homeowner insists on trying DIY methods, he will most likely put himself in a very complicated situation. Trained flooring expert can only do the correct handling and combination of available materials.

5. Experienced timber floor installers can foresee challenges along the way and are prepared to handle such issues - Like all other home improvement work, sudden turn of events beyond anybody’s control might also occur halfway through your floor installation project. This is undoubtedly the time when you’d realise how much you can benefit from working with a pro who has the experience in managing such challenges.

6. Quality results are guaranteed - You can have the peace of mind of getting high-quality results if you decide to hire timber floor installation professionals. They have the right training, proficiency, proper equipment, and experience in everything that has to do with flooring projects.

7. Avoid spending a considerable amount of time and energy on your part - Imagine yourself wasting time to go through a DIY manual for instructions on top of the overall stress you’ll experience. Spare yourself unnecessary headaches and hire the right flooring professionals. Giving you the freedom to wait while they work on improving or restoring your timber floor is one of the most valuable services they can offer.

If you find the above factors agreeable to what you plan to do to your flooring project, the timber floor installations Perth specialists will be more than willing to provide their services. Knowing how essential it is to hire the right team to install your new timber floors is the very first step you’ll ever need.

FREE Timber Flooring Consultation (Valued at $195)

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We are confident in our experience and expertise and with that, we stand by all of our work. All completed projects are back up to 5 years warranty. We provide expert advice plus aftercare maintenance.


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